Heavy duty Lift Assist to improve your on-farm efficiency.

Steerable Lift Assist

The Tilco Steerable Lift Assist system is designed to combine the weight management and compensation of traditional lift assist with GPS steerable hydraulic adjustment.  An extremely versatile platform, our Steerable Lift Assist is suitable for use in load sensing applications as well as standard lift assist.  Our standard configuration is specifically designed to comfortably handle 12m and 40' implements for row crop and medium mixed broadacre farming, with the ability to scale up to heavier applications.  


A rear rocker bar axle system makes for easy adaption to row and bed spacing’s from 750mm up to 4m.  Hydraulic management from the tractor cab means easy operator adjustment and minimises operator fatigue in GPS guided setups.


  • Single cylinder drag link adjustment or dual cylinder independent steering options

  • Heavy duty structure for hard working conditions

  • Flexible bolt on mounting for easy incorporation to existing tooling

  • Heavy duty hub and stub

  • Adaptable to a variety of toolbar sizes and frames

  • Heavy duty pivot shaft and bearings for wheels

  • Easily incorporated into all GPS guidance systems

Conventional Lift Assist

Conventional Lift Assist systems are excellent for the management of implement load in heavy duty working conditions.  Tilco Lift Assist systems are capable of handling a wide range of loads with our typical approach of giving maximum flexibility to the farmer.  With heavy duty hubs and bearings, pins and mounts, you can be assured your system will be reliable and easy to maintain.

  • Independent mounts for maximum flexibility

  • Adaptable to a range of frames and toolbar sizes

  • Full 360 degree pivot on wheels for reversing and rough conditions

  • Locked pins, hardened bushes and easy grease access for simple and reliable maintenance


Standard frame-mounted depth wheels available in a variety of configurations.  Choose from hydraulic lift or custom built turnbuckle adjustment.

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Lift Assist on Rigid Shank Plough