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Tilco Lilliston Cultivator

Lilliston Rolling Cultivator with Furrowers

Tilco Lilliston Rolling Cultivator

Lilliston Spiders - Side Dressing

Lilliston Rolling Cultivators - Also Known as "Scufflers", "Spider Gangs" & "Slicer Tynes"

Lillistons are available in either 16" Spider (Slicer Tyne)
or 16" Scalloped Disc Configurations.

Lillistons are designed for a variety of applications from bed top prepping & fertilizer incorporation to interrow weed Control (Scuffling).

Mechanical weed control application slices the weeds off below to soil line, leaving them dead on the surface.

Incorporating Light Mulch, Fertilizer and other soil enhancement products can be easily achieved using lilliston Slicers and or Disc's.

Lilliston rolling cultivators are suitable for a variety of applications in broadacre; row crop; small crop and vegetable farming.

The slicer tyne and Lilly Disc's can be set from passive to very aggressive simply by loosening a couple of bolts and rotating the gang assembly on the carrier pipe.


2 to 10 16" Spiders (Slicer Tynes) Per Gang

3 to 5 16" Scalloped Disc's Per Gang

Mounting to suit 8 x 8, 7 x 7, 6 x 6, 4 x 4 toolbars

Long and Short Pipe (Arm) mounts

Ability to combine spiders & discs

Combination Configurations with Side Dressing Knives and Furrowers.

Easily Reconfigured on the fly

Low horsepower requirement

Available in 9"(270mm) single bed configurations

right up to up to 12 mtr bars

Tilco Lilliston Disc Cultivator

Lilliston Bush Hog Disc Cultivator

Tilco Lilliston Double Gang

Lilliston Dual Gang Setup

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