Deep Ripping with Tilco's Hydra-Max Plow

August 8, 2018



Deep ripping mechanically breaks up compacted soils by breaking up compacted layers with deep-reaching tynes. This soil management practice is most effective when roots need to access deep subsoil moisture.  The benefits of deep ripping usually last for about three seasons or longer if controlled-traffic is in place.  


Tilco’s Hydra-Max Deep Ripper Plow effortlessly navigates subsoil obstructions while delivering a full break out of the hardpan and compaction with a true non-inversion result.  They come fitted with Tilco's heavy duty tungsten hardfaced blades and shinguards, perfect for use in a wide variety of soil conditions, including highly abrasive deep zonal soils. The Hydra-Max also accepts the full range of Tilco accessories, enabling it to be used for a wide range of secondary tillage operations, including deep placement of fertiliser, pH remediation, bed forming and more.



Hydra-Max Deep Rippers are available in a range of standard configurations up to 12m widths, with row spacings from 500mm to 1m and options including folding wings, end tow, crumble rollers, fertiliser bins, pasture seeding, and more. The Tilco Hydra-Max Deep Ripper is perfect for broadacre, pasture renovation, soil structure management, row crop and small crop farming.




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